Fresh Kennebec Potato Suppliers

I'm still searching for suppliers and distributors of fresh Kennebec potatoes. If you know the website or phone number of one in your area, please forward it and I'll post it to this page. Help people out: I get a LOT of emails from restauranteurs looking for fresh kennebec suppliers.

Update: thanks to an alert and helpful reader, here is a distributor:  -  for the US.  -  for Canada.
Sysco supplies restaurants around English-speaking North America, and has many specialty-produce distribution outlets that can supply the kennebec. Many thanks to our reader, who has given his permission to use the following:
Bobcat Burgers

And here is another distributor:
ProduceAlliance supplies Canada and the US with the Kennebec potato. Their website features a map that pinpoints an outlet near you. Note that the map does not show Canadian outlets so if you're in Canada, you will have to contact them directly to enquire about an outlet near you.

If any readers find another supplier or distributor, in any country, you're welcome to email me about them and I will include their link here. Thanks for checking in.