Kennebec Potato COOKING TIPS

I'll post some cooking tips for the Kennebec potato! You are welcome to send in your tips and experiences cooking with the Kennebec, I will post those here as well. Sorry to all those of you who have sent tips over the past year; if I were a little smarter I would have kept them and started this page sooner! But better late than never. Here we go:

The Kennebec as 'new potatoes':
D. McMillan
Murphy, North Carolina
     You left off the best way to cook them, and why they are preferred in the south. NEW POTATOES! Before they mature and when they are about the size of a golf ball, you grabble some out of the ground, wash them gently (leaving the fragile skin on as much as possible) and then boil them in water with some butter. These will be the tenderest potatoes you have ever eaten, and they will have the most powerfull and delicious potato taste imaginable. Farmers all over the south can't wait for "new taters" to come in. a quarter of my tater patch is dug up just grabbling for new taters. then the rest go into the cellar for the winter and spring. New taters come in a week or two after the plants bloom.