Kennebec Potato GROWING TIPS

I'll post some growing tips for the Kennebec potato soon! You are welcome to send in your tips and experiences with growing the Kennebec, I will post those here as well. Sorry to all those of you who have sent tips over the past year; if I were a little smarter I would have kept them and started this page sooner! But better late than never. Here we go:

Kennebec does well in North Carolina:
D. McMillan
Murphy, North Carolina:
Kennebecs have been the choice potato here for decades. I am in western Nc in the Great Smokey Mountains. our soil is a mixture of mountain loam on top of red clay. No other potato grows as well here as kennebec do. Idaho's don't do good, neither do Green Mountain, although Green Mountain do well in the Tennesee Valley. Red Skin's do well here, but do not keep over winter. I plant 50 to 100 lbs every year and get about 15 bushels per 50lb of seed.
     *Mr. McMillan also sent another quick email, the content of which I put on the 'Cooking' page.


Growing Small potatoes?
Shane, from Indiana:
     When i was a boy i planted some, might have been kennebec, and i really worked the ground deep and fine. I then mixed in lots of white grain fertilizer, maybe 12 12 12 and threw more on the ground around the plants later. The tops were real green and bushy and when we dug them, the taters were all small. It was a surprise, i thought they would be real big. i hilled these taters real high and there were deep trenches between the rows. I was thinking with all the extra attention they would grow bigger taters, but like i said, they were all small and lots of them. all i can figure is that with all the extra attention, the tater plant put its energy into growing a very nice looking stalk and not so much into growing the tater itself. never tried it again.
     That same year we planted the same taters without all extra tilling, hilling and fertilizer and they were normal sized.